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Car Window Tinting Melbourne

Keep your car looking stylish and feeling comfortable with car window tinting services from Evolution Garage. Our experienced, passionate professionals can provide you with the darkest legal tint or another solution that matches your preferences. We are an official applier of SunTek automotive tint, which is available in a variety of hues and offers improved appearance and performance for your vehicle.


Our car window tinting service in Melbourne comes with a range of benefits including heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction, and over 99% UV protection. With window tinting, the exterior of your car will look better than ever and your interior will be protected from fading. You will also enjoy a cooler, more comfortable drive every time you get in the car.


There are regulations that govern car window tinting in Victoria, and Evolution Garage can ensure your vehicle is compliant while giving you the darkest legal tint!


In Victoria, window tints are measured by their Visible Light Transmittance or VLT. Windscreens must have at least 70% VLT and can only be darkened during the manufacturing process. If you want to apply car tinting film to your windscreen, it can only be placed over the top wiper arc area or the top 10% of the windscreen. Front side windows must have 35% VLT or more, and rear windows may require as little as 20% VLT.


Evolution Garage will tint your windows to the exact level you’re looking for to ensure your vehicle looks great, lasts for longer, and is legally compliant. For automotive tinting that exceeds your expectations, contact Evolution Garage online or call our team. Phone Philip Mingerulli on 0402 205 332 or Eduardo Flores on 0452 585 253 now.

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