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Dent Removal

Paint-less dent repair work is exactly what it sounds like - a method of panel beating that requires specific tools and plenty of skill to perform correctly. While this isn’t new technology, having been in use in different places around the world for about 40 years, it is increasingly prevalent, as it allows car owners to maintain the original paint on their vehicle.

With over 5 years of experience the industry, our team here at Evolution Garage are the passionate, automotive professionals you can trust to complete a safe and effective dent removal service in Melbourne. No matter how minor or severe the dent may be, our priority is to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new.

How does Paint-Less Dent Removal Work?

It’s bit of a dark art, with plenty of secrecy around the kind of tools you need to get a perfect finish. Essentially, our specialists here at Evolution Garage will remove any interior trims that are in the way and use tools to reshape the panel to its original form, being careful not to crack the seal of the paint.

This sort of dent removal, performed in our Melbourne shop, can be completed on bonnets, bumpers, fenders, doors, boot lids and roof turrets. If its metal and the paint isn’t compromised, one of our paint-less dent repairers should be able to work it out. We guarantee the highest level of care during our dent removal services, providing Melbourne car owners with the reassurance they need that every precaution will be taken from start to finish.


Different finishes for different purposes

So long as the paint isn’t broken, paintless dent removal can be used for everything from smaller trolley dings to larger impacts to the panels. Even marks that you might think can’t be repaired without a replacement panel - in most cases, they’ll be fixable through our PDR services.


There are mobile operators out there that will do quick repairs at your home or workplace, and while some will no doubt have expertise, experience, and the right tools to do the job, anything that seems too good to be true typically won’t result in the level of quality that will return the car to its factory standard.

To find out more about our professional dent removal services in Melbourne, please get in touch with our experts here at Evolution Garage today.

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