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Paint Protection Film - PPF Preston

While it is a common occurrence for all car owners, finding small dents and scratches along the sides of your vehicle is never ideal. When it comes to providing the surface of your car with an added layer of protection from rocks, branches, sand and other outdoor elements that can cause this type of damage, we would highly recommend checking out our PPF service. Located in Preston, our team here at Evolution Garage are the automotive specialists you can trust to help you find the most suitable Paint Protection Film that not only matches your paint perfectly, but also works within your specific needs.

Suitable for several different purposes, our PPF finishes available in Preston include:

  • Gloss Finish

  • Stealth

  • Off-Road

  • Special Events

  • Interior

Professional Car Window Tinting Services in Preston

As a passionate and highly skilled team of professionals, Evolution Garage are the experts you can trust when it comes to car window tinting installation. Based in Preston, our team will work with you to ensure your vehicle has the right amount of tint you’re seeking. The main benefits of having your windows tinted often come down to their ability to provide you with more privacy, as well as preventing heat, glare and UV rays from entering your vehicle. Not only can it protect you, but it can also prevent the interior of your car from fading at a faster rate while sitting out in the sun.

If you’re looking for a local car window tinting service near Preston, our team here at Evolution Garage are the experts you can call.

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